The Most Common Reasons Why Your Windshield Cracked

While owning a car is certainly convenient, as it provides a means of transportation, owning a car also requires a lot of maintenance. While some live in areas where owning a car is not a necessity, most people need a car to get around town, commute to work, and travel. As such, the maintenance a car requires is not an expense many can afford to ignore, despite how expensive the repairs may end up costing.

Most drivers factor basic car repairs into their yearly budget, including tire rotations, oil changes, and other minor repairs. However, many forget about the unexpected repairs, such as a car battery replacement or repairing a cracked windshield, using Chandler windshield repair company for the procedure.

In some cases, the unexpected expenses can come at a poor time when other bills are due and finances are tight. A cracked windshield can be particularly frustrating, as they tend to happen due to a freak accident. However, there are some common reasons why windshields crack, and avoiding these reasons can help keep your car out of harm’s way.

Gravel Roads

Sharp rocks are a hazard for car windshields. If possible, avoid driving on gravel roads, as your tires can spin and spit up the rocks, making your car and windshield a target for the gravel. When traveling at a great enough speed, those sharp edges can gain enough momentum to crack your windshield. While they sometimes hit and leave a small knick, if they hit the windshield in a vulnerable area, it may leave a huge crack through the windshield, which over time, may splinter in many different directions. Or, the rock may actually gouge a piece of glass out of the windshield, which can leave the glass fragile.

If you cannot avoid driving on a gravel road, the best course of action is to drive slowly, as the gravel will not gain as much air or speed. If you are following someone on the road, keep a safe distance behind them to avoid being a target for any of the gravel they may kick up with their tires.

Construction Vehicles

Driving behind construction vehicles is dangerous, for many of these vehicles are either transporting a big shipment, like rocks or other gravel and debris, or they have leftover construction tools and debris in their car, which can easily fly out and hit your vehicle. While this is not as much as an issue when on side streets, it is a big deal when driving on a freeway or highway. The high speeds of the cars can cause the debris to fly out of the truck, often landing directly on your car or windshield.

Installed Incorrectly

If a windshield is installed incorrectly, it will not withstand the high speeds of a freeway or highway, especially if the roads are bumpy. As the car moves, the windshield will begin to vibrate, and the combination of the speed and the wind can cause it to break or shatter.

Parking on the Street

In some cases, it is not possible to avoid parking on the street; however, if you have the option to park inside a garage or under a car port, it can save your vehicle from unintentional accidents, such as rogue a football or baseball landing on your windshield and cracking it.

Changes in Temperature

A significant change in temperature can easily cause your windshield to crack. Since a windshield is made out of glass, the material can both contract and expand with extreme cold and extreme heat. While windshields are made to be sturdy, severe weather changes can lead to cracks.

Additionally, for those who live in snow or ice, never use hot water to thaw the ice on your windshield. The extreme change in temperature will cause your windshield to shatter.


Being caught in a hailstorm can do serious damage to your car and windshield. While hailstorms are unexpected, if you know there is a possibility of heavy rain or possible hail, try to avoid driving in order to avoid the hail damaging your windshield.

While there is no way to plan for an accident, being cautious and avoiding these issues can help you keep your windshield as safe as possible.

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