Surviving Winter Break with Your Kids

While parents love and adore their children, winter break can be a struggle, especially if the cold temperatures keep everyone cooped up inside. Between the excitement of the holidays and the boredom all kids inevitably feel, having the kids home all day can be a battle. With friends out of town and packed holiday schedules, winter break can be difficult to muddle through without parents feeling as if they might go insane.

In order to make it through the break without incident, here are a few survival techniques to implement:

Enjoy the Movies

Whether it is going out to the theater or watching a movie at home through Netflix, one of the best boredom cures is an interesting movie. Because kids are often so busy with school and extracurricular activities, there are probably plenty of movies they have yet to see, which can help occupy them for long periods of time.

For parents, when the kids are home, the routine is typically thrown off. For many, the normal day-to-day chores and errands that happen at a scheduled time are put off or forgotten all together. If your kids are watching a movie from home, you can accomplish quite a few tasks off of your list, as they will be too enthralled in the movie to interrupt you from your “to-do” list.

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Winter Activities

Having your kids home during the summer is often easier because the weather permits more fun activities. From playing in the park to taking nature walks to swimming, there are plenty of fun outdoor adventures to be had. In the winter, especially if you live somewhere that snows and rains throughout most of the season, it is much more difficult to find things to do outside.

However, the winter weather does have its advantages. There are certain activities that can only be done in the winter or in the snow, such as outdoor ice skating, snowshoeing, skiing, and sledding. Even if it is cold, spending some time outdoors can help keep your kids busy, putting their energy to good use.


Throughout the holiday season, it can be easy to get wrapped up in hectic schedules, school plays, and other related events. But, during this time of year, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities, as there is a heavy need for volunteers. A great way to remind your children of how much they have to be thankful for is to volunteer somewhere, whether that be at a shelter, a soup kitchen, or at a community center. Involving your children can help them keep things in perspective, as well as help them to see the joy in giving to others.

Prepare for Sickness

Cold and flu season is incredibly prevalent in the winter, and chances are, if one of your kids gets sick, the other ones will soon catch it. Sick kids can make a busy schedule even busier, as there are doctors appointments to get to and plans that have to be canceled. While sickness can throw a wrench into the plan regardless, being prepared that sickness is possible can help you cope better. If you already have medications on hand and humidifiers ready, you can help to keep the sickness from getting any worse or out of hand. Instead of having to run to the store with sick kiddos in order to stock up on cold meds, soup, and vitamins, you can take care of it directly from home. The better prepared you are, the better handle you will have on it.

Be Flexible

When your kids are in school, there is typically a routine both of you follow. When they are home, the schedule and routine are pretty much non-existent, thus it is important to remain flexible. If you make plans, be prepared that they may fall through and remember that it is all right if they do. If you have to cancel plans on friends, they’ll understand. Moreover, friends in the same boat may have to cancel plans on you—during the busy season, it happens.

Even if it is hectic, enjoy the time you have with your kids home. They will grow up quickly and the memories you make will be priceless in the end.

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