Shopping for the Perfect Engagement Ring

 For most couples, the marriage proposal is typically a well-thought out plan rather than a spontaneous event. However, regardless of how the proposal happens, one of the most important aspects to getting engaged is the engagement ring.


Whether you are looking for an engagement ring before the proposal, or are searching for one with your future spouse, shopping for the perfect engagement ring can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience.


Here are a few tips to keep the process fun, but also as simple as possible.


Shape and Style

There are many different shapes and styles of rings, including morganite engagement rings, square cut rings, princess cuts, and many more. With all of the options available, shopping through a sea of rings can be incredibly overwhelming, especially if you are not one hundred percent sure what type of ring your future fiancee is interested in.


One of the most important things you can do is to listen anytime your future fiancee talks about jewelry. In many cases, they may be dropping subtle hints about what type of ring they are hoping to see on their finger.


Shop Together

Many couples talk about getting married before the actual proposal, thus even though the day of the engagement might be a surprise, getting engaged is expected. In this case, consider shopping together for a ring. While you do not necessarily have to purchase the ring when your significant other is there, you can at least get an idea what they like.



Engagement rings can vary in price, as the cut, style, and size, among other factors, can dramatically affect the price. If you have never looked at engagement rings before, the prices can be shocking. Do a bit of research beforehand, and try to establish a reasonable budget. It can help you narrow down your search when looking for rings. Additionally, a good rule of thumb when setting a budget for an engagement ring is to get the best ring you can without getting yourself into a significant amount of debt.



When it comes to finding the right ring, give yourself plenty of time to find one before the proposal date. It can take a few months to find the right ring, especially if you are searching for something that is specific or more difficult to find. After you find the ring you want, most stores take about six weeks to finish the ring. From adding an engraved inscription to re-sizing it, it can take a while for the ring to be ready.


Get It in Writing

Lastly, make sure to get everything that is being done to the ring in writing. From the size of the stone to the shape to any design features, getting it in writing is important for insurance purposes. Due to the expense of a ring, it is considered a valuable asset, thus it is a wise idea to make sure anything that could affect the value of the ring is recorded.


Using these tips can help you enjoy the ring shopping process while ensuring you find the perfect one.


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