Planning A Vacation As A Single Mommy: Taking A Trip To Dublin

Every parent knows that travelling with kids is difficult. But us single parents know that planning a trip with only one parent is even harder. However, just because it’s more tricky to plan a vacation on your own, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

I know from experience that while travelling with my son on my own is very hard work, it’s also worthwhile. It might be a little stressful for me – airports are the worst, but that doesn’t mean he should miss out.

This year, I have decided that for our annual vacation, we are going to Dublin in Ireland. Dublin is somewhere that I have always wanted to go, ever since I was a child. I don’t know what it is, but there is just something about Ireland that has always interested me.


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However, that being said, I still have a lot of planning and stress ahead of me. While you can plan to make things easier, when travelling with kids, there will always be times of stress. But as parents, that’s something that we just have to accept.

As a seasoned single mommy traveller, I know quite a few tricks for getting through vacations as smoothly as possible. In case you too are heading off on a single mommy vacation, I thought I would share all my best tips and advice with you, below:

Choose accommodation that is child-friendly

I have made the mistake of booking myself and my son into a five-star hotel before, only to find that it isn’t a child-friendly place. I now always make sure to call the hotel before booking to ensure that it is suitable for children.

Research your accommodation

As I have never been to Ireland before, I wasn’t sure where would be best to stay. I picked Dublin purely because it’s a large city, so I knew there would be lots for us to see and do.

When it came to choosing our accommodation, I went online and did lots of research. I knew that I wanted to find the best hotels in Dublin, so I had a look at Venere hotels to get an idea of what was on offer.

Book transfers with flights

Don’t make the mistake of failing to book your transfers to and from the airport. There’s nothing worse than getting off a plane with an exhausted child and having no idea how or where to book a taxi from. This has happened to me before, which is why I always pay to have my transfers arranged with my flight.

Be plane-prepared

Children are children; they cry and moan when they are bored. So unless you want your little one to throw a major temper tantrum at 50,000 feet, it’s a good idea to be prepared.

If the flight is long – as our flight to Dublin will be, it’s a good idea to pack pajamas for your child. In your hand luggage, along with lots of toys, magazine, snacks, and a tablet, pack your little one’s pajamas.

Don’t plan activities in advance

Kids change their minds like crazy, so it makes little sense to plan activities in advance. Instead, create a list of all the things that you think both you and your child would enjoy and take that on the trip with you.

Once you have arrived, you can then start organising all the things you will do while you are there. You could even ask your hotel for some advice about the best things to see and do in the area.

As a single mom, I know that travelling with kids is hard. But I also know that kids love going on vacation, so just because you are single, that’s no reason not to take a trip.

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