How to Run a Small Business Like a Big Corporation

When it comes to getting a small business off the ground, there are quite a few setbacks that a business can face in the beginning stages. While small businesses do not necessarily have the same opportunities as a big corporation, there are still some areas in which a small business can run like a large corporation.

Regardless of how small a business is, there are a few strategies that all businesses should master in order to expand their business.


With the ability to work remotely, outsourcing has become one of the number one ways for businesses to cost-effectively grow their business. Whereas many businesses once employed people directly underneath their business branch, businesses are now reaching out to contractors, freelancers, and even partnering with other businesses to perform certain business aspects. From bookkeeping to payroll to marketing, businesses are realizing the benefit to outsourcing.

Moreover, many businesses are investing in software programs as a form of outsourcing. Software programs and marketing tools, including CoSchedule and Buffer, which allow businesses to schedule social media posts in advance. While there are programs that are broad enough to work with many companies, there are more specific software programs, which focus more directly on a certain type of business. For instance, for those in the salon and spa business,

http://www.saloniris.com/ is a way to manage your salon effectively and efficiently. The program acts as an executive assistant by sending out appointment reminders, emails, and credits, among others.

Set Annual Goals

Large corporations know the value of setting yearly goals—and attaining them. While smaller businesses might have different goals than larger businesses, the importance of setting goals does not lie within the type of goals, but within the goals themselves. Striving for an achievement is one of the best ways a business can grow, as there is now a concrete goal in mind. Furthermore, setting goals allows for a business to focus all of their efforts and energy into attaining that goal in a sustainable way. In order for a business to thrive, it needs to know what direction it is heading.

For small businesses, look to set lofty, yet attainable goals, such as increasing your email list by a certain amount, selling a certain number of products, or acquiring a certain number of clients.

Diversify Income

Big businesses have mastered the art of diversifying income. Banking on a certain product or service to provide your business with a sustainable income for years to come is tempting fate, as there is no guarantee that the income will remain stable. Instead, companies need to diversify their income and assets.

If you own a small website, depending upon page views and ads to support the bulk of your income is not a smart way to reach financial stability. Currently, with ad blockers and the constant changes to different Google algorithms, it is not necessarily wise to depend upon income from ads. Alternatively, websites should offer paid services as well, such as e-books or training classes. Diversifying income will help to create a stable future for the business, for should one of those incomes take a dip, there will be other income avenues to help even everything out.

Measure Progress

Businesses cannot grow if progress is never measured. In order for you to understand your business’s weakest and strongest points, all progress needs to be measured. Monitoring your company’s sales, clients, employee turnover rate, and other financials can help you maximize your business’s productivity.

Hire Skilled, Talented Employees

How well your team operates will reflect in the success of your business—and vice versa. Businesses with unmotivated employees tend to struggle, as the company is not running as efficiently as it could be running, for employees are not performing at an optimal level. Though it can be a large expense, hiring talented, motivated employees is one of the best moves a small business can make. Passionate employees will help spur the business forward, helping it to grow organically.

Running a small business is not all that different from running a large business. Though the numbers might differ, at the heart of the matter, business is business. Treating your business like a thriving enterprise from the get-go can offer your business a stable future.

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