How Riding A Motorcycle Improves The Quality Of Your Health

We’ve become all too familiar with the cliché regarding motorcycles as being an exercise in “cheating death.” But sometimes in life, taking risks is one of the most important aspects of living.

But motorcycling serves a much greater purpose that just being a scary experience. Letting your hair sail in the wind as you ride your ‘hog’ can be truly invigorating, and it can also be very good for your health as well. Not only is it a therapeutic escape for the daily norms of life, it’s also a low-impact, aerobic exercise that tones your abs.

As you hold onto those stylishly cool moto jeans men’s articles of chestnut clothing and that heavy black leather jacket, you may find yourself in the depths of either having to choose riding on the back of your spouse, or following him or her in the car. But do yourself a favor and at least try to be objective while not quick to judge regarding your disapproval.

After all, living life precariously on a motorcycle can be equivalent as going to the gym everyday.

Here are a few unexpected health benefits of throttling the engine on a motorcycle:

A Cognitive Getaway

You’d be surprised to learn just how much you use your brain during motorcycling.

When you drive a car, it’s common for drivers to daydream and slip into another way of lucid thinking that keeps their focus off the road; conversely, being on a motorcycle requires you to stay sharp at all times, being one step ahead of drivers and their love affair with texting, eating and talking while driving. In fact, distractions have become so prevalent on today’s roads that the wellbeing of all drivers is at stake.

But ultimately, riding a motorcycle has been medically proven to improve cognitive thinking and functioning. So, if you find yourself routinely in a morning funk of having a hard time concentrating—it may be time to start riding on two wheels.

Upper Body And Lower Body Workout

I bet you didn’t think that riding a motorcycle would give you a total body workout, but that’s what it actually does. And if you thought that there couldn’t be any possible way to burn off approximately 600 calories (especially while driving against the wind) on your motorcycle—you’d be mistaken.

Being as though motorcycles are usually less than 100 pounds, it requires you to utilize your entire body to control each turn, stop and throttle. Not to mention, you’re on two wheels, which lowers the body’s natural ability to balance. When you’re focused on maintaining your balance thru turns and long-distances, your body works even harder to continue keeping you upright. This not only improves muscle tone, it works out just about every muscle in your body—from your toes to your neck muscles.

Of course, this is not a statement to forgo all your other forms of exercise—which is something you should continue doing; however, riding a motorcycle does provide your mind and body with a plethora of health advantages over riding a car. So, the next time you’re hesitant to get on a motorcycle—remember the health benefits you’re potentially missing out on.

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