Healthy Snacks For Toddlers

healthy snacks

Do you struggle to get your toddler to eat healthy, home made food? If your little one is like mine, they may be starting to be more interested in french fries than vegetables. I’ve put a lot of effort into devising nutritious but delicious snacks to keep my child interested in healthy food. Here are some of my daughter’s favorites.

Ants On A Log

This is an oldie but a goodie. One of my childhood treats and now one of Rosie’s- she can devour a plateful in no time and I can be happy knowing she’s getting some vitamins in. Just cut up some celery sticks and fill with whatever you like- peanut butter and hummus are Rosie’s top picks, then dot with raisins for the “ants” effect.

Trail Mix

This is a fun snack for toddlers to munch on while you’re on the move. To keep Rosie distracted on car rides or subway journeys, I give her a little bag of trail mix- a mixture of raisins, nuts of any kind, dried fruit and cereal. She loves cheerios so I always make sure to include these- but I avoid the honey variety as it’s packed full of sugar.

Dippy Fruit

Luckily for me, Rosie’s hatred for vegetables doesn’t extend to fruit. She’s happy to snack on sliced fruit, so I like to arrange them on a big plate with some yoghurt in the middle to dip in. This way she gets a little extra calcium and protein, and the fruit is slightly more fun to eat! Strawberries with Greek yoghurt are a big hit at the moment with her.

Stuffed Apple

This one works nicely cooked or raw. Simply core an apple and stuff whatever yummy healthy things you can think of inside. Peanut butter is a good choice- raisins and granola also work well. Baked apples can also make a delicious winter dessert for toddlers and the whole family.

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