Five Ways To Keep Your Kids’ Minds Active All Summer Long

Kids everywhere look forward to the summer months, as the summer is the time they can relax, forget about school, and spend the long days playing. Though most kids would prefer to not think about school or anything related to learning through these months, it is important their minds stay sharp over the summer months. Research has shown that kids can forget what they have learned if they are not actively exercising their minds.

Keeping your kids’ minds active does not mean sitting them down with textbooks and homework. Instead, their minds can be sharpened with fun, interactive games and activities that feel a lot more like play time than study time.

Here are five ways to keep your kids’ minds active:

  1. Interactive Shows

Many companies provide interactive shows that promote learning, such as companies like Baby Einstein. These shows are fun and engaging, making your child feel like they are being entertained even though they are in fact learning. Many of these shows can be streamed through companies like Direct TV, giving you a seemingly endless supply of interactive shows for your kids. Check out North Carolina satellite tv packages for a great deal.

  1. Books

One of the best ways to sharpen your kids’ minds is by having them read books. Reading not only elevates their verbal reading skill and vocabulary, but it also heightens their reading comprehension. What they learn from books will help them develop and grow their mental cognition and critical thinking skills. They will learn how to evaluate situations, learn ethical principles, and learn about other worlds outside of their own.

  1. Science Sets

Consider purchasing a science set, whether it is a nature set, a chemistry set, or something else, for your kids will get to participate in fun experiments that also double as educational. The lessons they will learn will prove to be valuable in their understanding of both science and the world around them.

  1. Classes and Museums

Spend some time over the summer with your kids participating in classes, such as painting workshops, music classes, and even cooking classes. These fun classes require your children to use their creativity, fostering their ability to develop ideas in their mind and interpret them into art.

Additionally, museums can prove to be entertaining. Interactive children’s museums like science museums, railroad museums, and air and space museums, can bring to life otherwise boring subjects. Similarly, visiting art and history museums can help to bolster your children’s understanding about the world around them.

  1. Games

Kids love games, and it is important for them to play games. Games teach children how to work together, how to win and lose gracefully, and how to strategize. Games are usually educational, as most teach basic fundamentals. For instance, chess and checkers teach critical thinking, monopoly teaches money management, and video games like Wii Sports teach physical education.

These five ideas can help keep you kids entertained and mentally and physically challenged all summer.

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