Battling Allergies Naturally


Allergy season can be a horrible time for many families, causing sniffles, rashes and runny eyes for months on end. My husband used to suffer terribly every year as the pollen count rose, even in the middle of the big city. Although antihistamines and decongestants can sometimes relieve the symptoms temporarily, they come with plenty of side effects and tend to lose their effectiveness. Here are a few of the natural remedies we’ve found helpful to make allergy season a little more bearable.


Extract from butterbur root can go just as far as traditional medical antihistamines in reducing nasal symptoms, without the nasty side effects. This supplement can prevent swelling in the nasal passage, giving you some much needed relief.

Phleum Pratense

Tablets made from pollen extracts can bring down a variety of symptoms in people suffering from hay fever, from eye irritation to that annoying runny nose. This supplement also works well in reducing the symptoms of asthma.


Bromelain can bring down the swelling in your nasal package and thin the mucus in your system, making breathing far easier and easing sinus symptoms.

Netti Pots

netti pot works like a natural decongestant, using warm water and salt to flush the sinuses and clear the nasal passages. A homemade netti pot can be used on children and adults to reduce allergy symptoms and bring lots of natural relief.

Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettle is a natural antihistamine- it stops the body from producing excess histamine without all the unpleasant side effects that come with antihistamine medications. You can take stinging nettle in 300 mg doses to fight the symptoms of hay fever, or making your own teas or tinctures yourself if you want to save a little money. Just be careful not to get stung in the process!

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