Baby’s First Bath

baby in bathtub

Your baby’s first bath is an exciting moment for the whole family, as you get to see your precious bundle enjoy the feeling of the warm water for the first time. My husband and I were so nervous when we bathed our first born for the first time that the whole process took almost an hour.

Here are some of my quick tips for a safe and pleasant bath time for baby.

Get The Temperature Right

Though most parents think to make sure the water is perfectly warm (not too hot, but not chilly), it’s easy to forget about the temperature of the bathroom itself. The room should be warm so that your tiny baby doesn’t feel a chill- try to aim for about 75 degrees.

Never Walk Away

Make sure that the baby is accompanied at all times, no matter what. You need to be touching the baby with at least one hand the whole time that he’s in the bath.

Keep It Shallow

While you might like a nice deep bath, babies are at their safest in just a few inches of water.

Remember Sensitive Skin

If you like to bath your baby frequently, you might want to consider leaving the soaps and shampoos out some of the time. Babies have extremely sensitive skin, so soaping them up too frequently could cause drying or reactions. Don’t be tempted to fill the bath up with bubbles even if baby thinks these are fun- bubble bath soaps can be especially irritating to soft skin.

De-Slip The Surface

Bathtubs are especially slippery, so consider investing in a child-friendly bath mat to stop your little one sliding around. Although this might not be necessary when your baby is still very small, once they’re moving around more you’ll find a good firm bath mat invaluable.

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