Avocado: The Ultimate Superfood


Of all of the healthy foods I try and incorporate into my daily diet, avocado has got to be my favorite. It’s versatile, delicious and most importantly, incredibly good for you. Don’t be put off by the fat content- avocado could just be the best superfood around.


Avocados are packed full of nutrients, making it one of the best additions you can think of for your salad or dish. Packed full of insoluble fiber, avocados are also full of potassium, magnesium, oleic acid and luteine. When you hear people complain that avocados are “fattening” be sure to correct them- the fats in avocados are monounsaturated, making them great for your heart health and overall wellbeing.

The nutrients packed into avocados have been shown to reduce your chances of developing cancer, heart disease and degenerative diseases.

The vitamin E and fats in avocado are great for your skin too- avocados are the perfect food to add to your diet if you’re hoping to improve your skin and prevent premature ageing.

How To Eat Them

An avocado sliced up and added to a big salad will make the meal far more filling while improving its taste, so throw it in liberally for the maximum health benefits.

I also like to take half of a ripe avocado and mush it onto 2 slices of whole grain, seeded toast for the perfect nutritious, filling breakfast. Add some black pepper and a sprinkling of salt to season the meal.

Many people swear by avocado smoothies– an avocado blended in with your usual mix will make your smoothie richer and creamer while adding in extra vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Thanks to the fruit’s versatility, it can be added into both veggie and fruit smoothies.

If all else fails, everybody loves a good avocado dip. Whip up some healthy guacamole when you next have guests over- their taste buds and bodies will thank you for it.

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