At Home Hair Removal

At Home Hair Removal

When it comes to hair removal, most of us women are willing to try anything. From painful waxes to balancing acts while shaving in the shower, we spend our lives battling those furry limbs. In my experience, getting a professional wax usually yields the smoothest results, but it also feels like an expensive way of getting a simple task done. Luckily, if you’re sick of the razor you can try these at home hair removal tricks. 

Wax At Home

Your local drug store is full of convenient wax strips for you to try out, many of them specially designed for different body parts. Although I’ve found waxing the bikini area at home to be a little too intimidating a challenge, at home wax kits can be perfect for getting your legs and underarms silky smooth.

Try putting some powder on your legs before putting the strips down so that the wax grips the hair properly, and oil up after to remove excess wax and moisturize your sore legs.

At Home Laser Hair Removal

This option is a little pricier but good if you want to permanently decrease your body hair. It’s not the least painful thing you’ll ever try- the laser zaps your skin to target each hair follicle, but after a few weeks of use you’ll see a drastic difference. It’s also far cheaper than getting laser treatments done professionally, so if you feel up to the challenge it can be a great hair removal technique.


Epilators are nifty electronic devices that pull your hairs out for you in a similar style to waxing, but with less messy results. The best thing about epilating is the length of time that your skin stays smooth for- certainly far longer than with shaving, but it’s not for the faint hearted. The hair also grows back softer and more fine, so this is a good long-term hair removal method.

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