Adventures In Weaning


Weaning your baby is a really exciting time- I looked forward to the moment that my daughter turned six months old with great anticipation. Seeing your little one taste their first bites is a huge milestone, so it’s normal to want to go about it in the best possible way.

Here’s a quick guide to the best snacks and nibbles to start your baby off right in the world of solid foods.

Six Months

‘Solids’ is perhaps the wrong word for the first bites your baby will take- the foods you’ll offer at six months will most likely be mashed and mushed to make it as easy as possible for your baby to eat.

When you first start out, try introducing small amounts, just a couple of teaspoonfuls a day, of pureed vegetables. Mashed sweet potato is a great choice, and broccoli can also work well when blended.

After you’ve tried veggies for a week or two, you can start offering some blended fruits, with sweet flavors your baby is sure to enjoy.

Avocado is also a great choice for a weaning food, as its packed full of vitamins and provides plenty of healthy fats for your growing baby.

Some moms feed their babies specially packaged baby cereals as their first foods, but in my personal view, these grains are really just filler foods and don’t offer the vitamins and nutrients that fruits and vegetables do. Try introducing them alongside the more nutritious foods.

Seven Months and Onwards

After your baby has got used to eating mashed vegetables and similar foods, you can start trying out a wide variety of tastes with them. Let them try bites of whatever’s on your plate, as long as it doesn’t contain too much salt, sugar or additives. 

Try and incorporate bigger lumps and chewy bites for your baby after this point so that they get used to chewing and don’t get stuck on purees. You can also start creating more balanced meals for them, with a portion of starchy carbohydrates, protein and veggies at each main meal.


Happy weaning!

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