5 Safety Tips to Keep In Mind When Working Out At Home

What does your home gym look like? Do you have machines, free weights or functional fitness paraphernalia? It doesn’t matter how you work out, there are dangers associated with every type of equipment – even body weight movements have risks. Don’t worry, though! Here’s a quick overview of things to keep in mind while you are getting a sweat up.

1. Don’t go for PBs unassisted

Everyone loves the feeling of nailing that heavier weight, right? Not so great is the feeling of being trapped under a loaded bar or having to dangerously bail out of a lift gone wrong. The risk of serious injury is very real, and this can be even worse if you’re alone. It’s okay, though – it’s very easy to avoid this danger, simply by attempting personal bests (and really just doing any heavy lifting) at the gym (ideally with a spotter). When you’re at home, focus on technique and conditioning with lighter weights and higher reps.

2. Supervise children closely

In a perfect world, young children would be physically separated from your home gym at all times. But in reality this is often easier said than done. Whether they’re your own kids or just visitors to your home, keep an eye on them at all times when they are in the room with your equipment. It only takes a second to drop a kettlebell on a foot or crush fingers in a pinned weight machine. As they get older, it’s worthwhile taking the time to educate them on how to use equipment properly and the dangers associated with incorrect use.

3. Position equipment carefully

Forget swearing like a sailor when you catch your shin on a solid (probably) steel object. Putting a bit of thought into the layout of your workout area can help avoid collecting unnecessary bumps and bruises, make it safer for others to be in the vicinity when you work out. Keep in mind the range of motion of any machines, the space you need to use any equipment and the shape of the room. Don’t wait for an injury, a broken window or a cracked tile to map out the room properly.

4. Maintain equipment

Hopefully you purchased all of your gym equipment from a specialist store like Fitness Market – that way you can get some expert advice on properly maintaining your equipment. Whether it just needs a once-over with a damp cloth every few weeks or a proper service of moving parts once each year, keeping your equipment in prime condition keeps it functioning how it is supposed to. Need some motivation? Just imagine that you’re doing sprint work on your treadmill when it malfunctions. Yep, taking care of your gear is a top idea.

5. Be aware of your environment

Getting in the zone is an awesome feeling – you can get absorbed in your workout and stay motivated to give it your all. Getting too absorbed isn’t a great idea when you’re working out at home, though. It’s all too easy to not notice someone entering your space, or miss the sound of knocking something over in amongst the general noise. Not only that, but there are more general risks – if you have the music pumped up you could easily miss the sound of the smoke alarm or someone entering your house. Paying attention to your surroundings is always a good idea!

Working out should always be fun, but fun without taking steps to minimise risk can lead to trouble. Do you have any stories of how things have gone wrong during your home workouts? Share them in the comments!

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