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5 Best Things To Serve At A Dinner Party

If you’re having a few friends over for a dinner party, you might be a little stuck as to what to serve them. If you’re not the most varied cook in the world, this can be a little worrying. Not to fear. We’ve put together a small list of suggestions to help you on your way.


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Roast Meats

Nothing beats a nice big roast. Get some quality meat from the local butcher, and then all you have to do is stick it in the oven for the appropriate amount of time. Of course, you may want to consider using some herbs and spices to rub into the meat first to give it a little extra kick. You can’t serve just meat either. Some roasted and steamed vegetables are also customary with roast meat. You can put the vegetables to be roasted in with the meat, so they soak up the meat juices for an extra powerful flavour.


If you’re having a dinner party, you’re having a dinner party. If you’re having a barbecue, you’re having a barbecue, right? Wrong. The classic outdoor barbecue is its own thing. You can cook cheap hotdogs and lacklustre beef burgers on the grill outside and get away with it. For a dinner party barbecue, you need to up your game a little. Get some steaks with a strong marinade and cook them on the open flame. You can get some chicken too but beware about undercooking it. For a vegetarian option, you could do vegetable skewers or roasted peppers.


A fine rustic dish. The casserole is easy to make and easy to serve. It’s a good dish for a cold winter evening. Food for when it’s freezing outside and the wind is howling at the window. You can make a casserole with almost any meat. Besides that all you have to think about is adding vegetables and the mashed potato topping. A little bit of water in the base helps the meat and vegetables remain moist. It makes a gravy of sorts though you’ll want to make more as a topping for when it’s cooked.


Italian food goes down a treat at dinner parties. Pasta is one of those dishes that everybody loves to try and make too. Pasta shouldn’t be served on its own of course. It requires a sauce and possibly a little extra garnishing too. Some seafood wouldn’t go amiss being mixed with pasta. It goes great with peppers too. It can be a little hard to get it authentic. It’s worth trying though. If you get it right, it’s very impressive.


While obviously not the main course, a good soup is an excellent starter. If you’re looking to impress your dinner party guests, please don’t opt to use something from a can. Some canned soups are quite good, but dinner parties should be about making something with your own hands. Find a few soup recipes and find the ingredients to make them. You may have to try it a few times to get it right, but when you do you’ll be ready for a dinner party for sure.

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