4 Items Every Mom Needs To Survive A Hectic Day

As a mom, life can be incredibly hectic and stressful. Whether you work full-time or are a stay at home mommy, your life is most likely, very busy. If you’re not dealing with school drop offs or tidying the house, you’re at work or getting the household chores done.

Life might be crazy for us moms, but with the right tools, managing your hectic schedule is much easier. Yes, that’s right, to stay sane and make it through each hectic day, there are some items you absolutely, must have.


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That’s why we put together this guide to four things every mom needs to make it through the day. To find out more, keep reading below:

  1. Planner / Organizer

To make sure that you are in the right place at the right time, having a planner or organizer is a must. When you have six million things going around your head, it’s incredibly easy to forget something.

That’s why you need somewhere to keep a note of everything that you have to do each day so that nothing is forgotten about. You might think that you are on top of everything, but do you really want to risk being the mom who forgot to collect her kid from soccer practice? Nope – then it’s a good idea to invest in a planner or organizer.

  1. Smartphone

As a mom, having a smartphone is an absolute must. Not only can you use your smartphone for sending texts and making calls, but with so various apps available, it’s uses are unlimited. From acting as a reminder for certain events to being a way of keeping the kids entertained on a long car ride, a smartphone is a must.

Did you know that today, your smartphone can be used to keep track of every last part of your life? From apps for managing your bank accounts, to apps for scheduling child care, smartphones are amazing resources.

  1. Watch

Yes, you might have a smartphone, but God forbid it was to die, you need to be able to check the time. That’s why having a watch is a must, plus it’s a great way of teaching your little ones how to tell the time for themselves.

If you don’t have a watch yet, it’s important that you get one as soon as possible. Should your phone die while you are out and about, do you really want to be stuck with no way, to check what the time is? No – then invest in a watch as soon as possible.

When it comes to choosing a watch, there are various designs and styles to choose from. To get an idea of what you like, why not have a look at the Shinola watches for women? There are lots of styles and designs to choose from, so there should be one that you like.

  1. Hand sanitizer

Yes, this might seem like an odd one, but for us moms, hand sanitizer is a life saver. With such hectic schedules, often we get very little time in the day. Sometimes we don’t even get enough time to wash our hands before lunch, which is where hand sanitizer comes in.

If you are a busy mom with very little time to stop, having a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag is a godsend. Trust us on this, it really is crucial.

If you want to survive a busy day, these are four things that you must have.


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